In Love


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Twicy InLove Stool@Chair The stool@chair InLove is characterized by the personality that shapes the space letting it flow along its sinuous and smooth surfaces. Shape and sculpture turn into double possibilities: overturning the chair into a stool changes the piece completely from itself, reversing the balance between weights and masses, full and empty, gravity and lightness, always returning the same personality and power.

Twicy is the reversible seating collection characterized by design choice of extending the primary functionality to a second chance of use by simply overturning the piece of furniture.
The stratagem that the designer invents and declines in the proposed models gives back a surprisingly simple richness, essential, constructed through an inclusive and pragmatic compositional process, all played on the aesthetic theme, into formal and functional duality. The contrast between the elegant strength of the iron structures and the grace of the cushions, between the iconographic remarks and the most courageous experimentation or between the "weight" and the "suspension", are perhaps among the themes that most evidently testify the game of opposites that the architect uses to release his design from easy stylistic shortcuts.

Totally designed and manufactured in Rome, our creations are characterized by natural imperfections, aging levels, traces of workmanship, which make them unique and unrepeatable, even if reproduced in n-copies as industrial design imposes by definition. A specific DNA for each creation that is mapped, categorized and authenticated through the IRON ART DESIGN authentication, certifying the originality of provenance, the quality of performance and author's artistic paternity.

Iron: fully visible structure, consisting of shaped iron sheets welded to hand-calendered sheets. The assembled work is protected by transparent powder coating and finished with neoprene strips that buffer the contact with the ground.
Cushions: the characteristic "S" shape of the cushion is made from handmade-shaped rubber-foam blocks and finished with Dacron and resin. The manufacturing - which is also handmade - is exclusively products and made in Italy with top quality eco-leather or fabrics.

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