Industrial design. That is: art applied to design and industrial production. But how can a artwork be called like that if it is not unique?
The complexity and contradiction that doing design involves is all contained in this oxymoron.
A real, inescapable challenge that we have taken up with coherence and passion starting with the choice of the name, Never One, which is altogether a motto, a declaration of intent, an ambition, a utopia.
Welcome, this is the Never One way of doing Design.

Simultaneously the same and different from its multiples, a goal pursued by choosing iron to make art. Each iron plate is naturally characterized by chromatic specificities and spots that make it already unique in itself, and these particularities are complemented by the memories of the craftsmanship, also unique and unrepeatable. The result is a unique skin, a specific DNA for each creation that is mapped, categorized and authenticated through the Iron Art Design Authentication, certifying the originality of provenance, quality of performance as well as the author’s artistic paternity.

A block of rubber-foam, a piece of fabric, an iron sheet and an 18-barrel, that will be a table, a sofa, a bench, through an idea and a processing-shaping process that imprinting themselves on the iron become expressive part of the opera. The outcome is the naked beauty of an exhibited soul, with all its scars, giving design a narrative and poetic dimension, balanced just like vibrant.

Like guitar, bass and drums, so be glass, wood and iron. An essential art characterized by the choice of the most archetypal of metals. The iron and his expressive richness, desired and exploited by the sinuous continuity of the design resulting from it, which is enhanced and completed by the encounter with the elegant grace of the artisan cushions, the evocative and essential joinery, rather than the metaphysical royalty of the crystals. An evocative and powerful game of opposites, an inspired soundtrack that echoes the melodies of iron.

Useful is the rational face of beauty, its expendable body, its fundamental soul and, without it, it simply cannot stand. Seeking full useful in design is a way of being that identifies us programmatically and is enhanced by the Twicy collection: reversible seats characterized by the choice of extending their primary functionality in a second possibility of use by simple overturning the object. Whether it is a stool/chair, an arm/chair, or a sofa/bench, each proposed model is in itself pure form, sculpture, which becomes a double possibility reversing the balance between weights and masses, full and empty, gravity and lightness and always returning the same impressive personality.

Never One Design srl was founded in Rome in the spring of 2016 with the aim of promoting and commercializing the design furniture conceived by the architects Stefano Ciccani e Diana Fareri. A private adventure started by a designers in the garage among drawings, models, studies, which became public through, the window that communicates passions, ideas, results finally reached maturity.