• 10 seats
  • 40 days to delivery
  • authenticated opera
  • transport included in UE/UK

OceanBase, support, shelf, edge, all enclosed in a single gesture: Ocean a geometric iron wave that specifies and evolves from heaven to earth. An origami of tensions and functionality in equilibrium under the ephemeral heaviness of a single tempered crystal surface, crossed by an "absence", a solid and invisible "heart" that unfolds along the whole length of the table. A set of unbalances and balances that is unitarily multiple, dynamically still, a complex surface through which space and light are modulated, giving back glimpses, reflections, shade of colors, shadow games, that are different for each of the possible perspectives.

Totally designed and manufactured in Rome, our creations are characterized by natural imperfections, aging levels, traces of workmanship, which make them unique and unrepeatable, even if reproduced in n-copies as industrial design imposes by definition. A specific DNA for each creation that is mapped, categorized and authenticated through the IRON ART DESIGN authentication, certifying the originality of provenance, the quality of performance and author's artistic paternity.

Base: a twin pair of folded sheets held together by circular bars and braced by 4 "struts".
Top: Tempered glass.
Finish: opaque transparent powder coating for iron surfaces and tempered glass available in transparent, burnished or smoked version.

The packaging and shipping costs are charged to the Never One Design within the European Union and the United Kingdom, therefore there is no additional charge for these items. The Never One Design is also responsible for 40% of the shipping cost for any other destination other than the European Union and the United Kingdom.

50% on orderbalance upon shipment; 40 days to delivery; transport included in ue and uk;

we start upthe realization of your opera never one design;

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